Our company, GAMMA Ltd. was established in year 1991. We manufacture push-pull cables, control heads, bowdens and complete mechanical remote control systems.   Our producion is licenced by Cablecraft motion controls, that alreadz in 1960-ties developed wide variety of mechanical control systems, push-pull cables and accessories. To produce high quality products is our main goal and strong commitment.

  Our product can be used in several industrial sectors, mainly in operational machines, in lories and trucks, in buses, in mine & construction & forest machines, in various manipulating machineries, but also in planes and boats.

  For a very long time we have been cooperating with machine makers and with producers of various devices to create the original part of their machineries.

  We are also able to manufacture spare parts: push-pull cables and bowdens according to precise measurement, according to detail drawing or by copying the samples that are given to us. Spare parts can be produce in various versions.

  We can also supply our customers with trottle pedals, levers and handles, also with suitable accessories: clevises, pins, rod ends, ball joints etc.

     GAMMA Ltd.